Body Drop Glow

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Body in trend fabric, which gives the garment a delicate appearance.
This piece is a trend in itself: it has only one sash, like a single sleeve, and a very feminine and modern drop-shaped neckline. Made in Trend, sustainable and biodegradable fabric. No cup and no buttoning in the seat.

Modeling: Adjusted
Composition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane

Special Cares:
  • Dirty clothes should not be stored for a long time, and should be kept dry and away from sunlight and in a cool and ventilated place (never leave them wrapped in plastic bags);
  • Wash the hand;
  • Separate light and dark colors;
  • Use neutral soaps, always using the quantity indicated by the manufacturer (the soap must have the guarantee on the packaging that it is specific for delicate items);
  • Don't soak it;
  • Do not wring and do not keep wet.